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Do you ever think to yourselfÖ

"I canít believe I have so much to do today, but Iím not doing what Iím supposed to be doing!!"

"I just need a system that works for me and I canít believe I havenít found one yet. Iím smart and I work hard."

"I canít do it all but how do I ever say No when everything seems so important?"

As a psychologist, coach, and time management expert, I guide my clients to overcome these challenges by mastering these core principles:

There is NO "best" time management tool. Finding the best toolkit is a guided journey of discovering, experimenting, and learning *your* way.

Problems are often solved by being in the present moment.

Just like Michelangelo had to chip away at everything that was not the statue, you have to chip away at everything that is not your essential life. This is what I call "Life Pruning™".

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