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Newsletter Excerpt

Are you playing enough?

When I ask my clients this question I often get responses such as: "I don't have enough time to do what I am supposed to be doing. How can I fit play in?" or "After I get {fill in the blank} done I'll be able to fit that in." Well, guess what: when {fill in the blank} is done, something else comes along to fill up the time.

As adults, we forget the importance of guilt-free play in our lives. And yes, I did say GUILT FREE. Our bodies and our minds need this creative time to refuel and experience the joy of play and the mastery of something that we love to do. The result is a more relaxed, calm, focused, creative mind so that you CAN power through those long days and challenging projects. Play also reminds us of what we do well during those times when life is challenging our skills and our egos.

My clients find that scheduling guilt free play also reduces the resentment that comes along with large draining projects. They know that they will have a break from the task at hand and celebrating their progress with play feels good. They also find that their work time does not get "hijacked" by activities that take the place of real play such as surfing the web or long tangents.

The next time you find yourself over-booked and struggling, create a guilt-free play schedule and use play to energize and revive your body, mind, and spirit.

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