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Newsletter Excerpt

100 Miles Uphill to the Grand Canyon

Several years ago my husband arranged for the two of us to go on a cycling and camping vacation out west that went through Bryce, Zion, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Being the seasoned athlete, he picked the route with the most mileage.

The hardest day of the trip was a 100-mile ride that went first through a long desert and then uphill to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I can honestly say that had I driven that road ahead of time, I would not have attempted cycling it. I just decided to ride as I had been and go for as long as I wanted to and then stop.

uring the day, I found myself once again at the end of the pack with one of the guides riding along with me. What I also found was that I just kept going. I'd ride until I needed to stop, catch my breath, refuel, and then get on and ride again. Sometimes the guide was in front of me allowing me to draft and conserve some effort and sometimes she was behind me. Wherever she was, she just let me go at the pace that worked.

As I go through hills in my life this is often the image that propels me, riding as long as I can, until I need to stop. Breathe, rest, refuel, get on again. I find a guide who can help me conserve some effort and cheer me on.

How can getting focused, refueling, and getting started again support your healthy lifestyle? Who is your guide?

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