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Newsletter Excerpt

Why am I obsessed with The Dog Whisperer?

I have a confession to make. I have become obsessed with watching The Dog Whisperer, a show on which dog behaviorist Cesar Milan "trains humans and rehabilitates dogs". Each time I watch this masterful man approach a dog who cannot be controlled by its owner and magically transform a disruptive, unruly, aggressive animal into a calm companion, I am transfixed. As I have observed my obsession grow, I ask myself----Why THIS show? Why am I doing this NOW?

What I have discovered is that Cesar Milan teaches me a lesson each time about owning my energy. His instruction time and again to his clients is to become the pack leader by bringing "calm assertive energy" to every interaction with their dogs. He asks them to first DECIDE to bring calm assertive energy to a space and then to DO that, practice DOING that, and then continue to DO that. This calm assertive energy is the core of his message and it transforms the humans as much as it transforms the animals. You can see it in how the owners carry themselves and interact with their dogs and my hunch is that it transforms more than their relationship with their pets.

So The Dog Whisper has me thinking---What energy do I want to bring into the New Year? What energy is transforming for me? How do I BE that energy? What practice do I need to keep BEING that energy?

How about you? What energy do YOU want to bring into the New Year? .

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