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What Sarah's clients are saying!

"You have helped me become more efficient and effective with my business and personal life. I am more productive during the day with less stress. It is amazing."

-- CN, Business Owner

"I am completely amazed at my own transformation after working with Dr. Reiff-Hekking as a Life Coach for only 6 months. Dr. Sarah helped me get clear on what I truly wanted, both professionally and personally and provided the structure so I could create a plan that allowed me to successfully pursue my goals. I thought I would be overwhelmed but every time we meet I become even more focused and energized. She asks all the right questions. Not just the ones that make you think…the one that make you want to ACT. I have taken my career to a new level, I am back at the Gym and loving it and I am making my dreams a reality. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!"

-- Kitty Dowd, Sr. Loan Originator

"Sarah avoids stock responses, carefully tailoring her suggestions to my particular needs and values. She is exceptionally perceptive, affirming and gentle, while pushing me to meet my self-defined goals. Her fees are the best investment I have ever made."

-- DF, Healthcare Consultant

"You taught me to move the molehills to get rid of the mountain.

-- MK, Nurse

"Sarah keeps me accountable to myself and my goals while at the same time always looking at the good in everything I have accomplished and giving me excellent ideas of how to get where I want to be. I feel good about that!"

-- PN, Business owner

"Sarah and I have been working together for nearly a year and in that time I have taken on many of my life’s issues. I was a sporadic exerciser, I now exercise regularly; my business was not doing well, I’ve closed one and opened another with several friends; I was having difficulty communicating with one of my children, I now communicate with her often. Sarah is gifted, first at learning who her clients are and second at constantly reminding them of who they are, what works for them, and what’s important to them. That’s focus. In this fast paced world where it’s so easy loose track, focus is a tremendous asset, Sarah provides it."

-- John Stevens

"The winter of 2008 my wife and I enrolled in The Healthy Living Course with mixed emotions. The course turned out to exceed both of our expectations. We believed we were already living a healthy lifestyle. The course taught us we had many shortcomings. Combining a healthier diet along with our existing exercise program we both benefited by weight loss and increased energy. In April, at my annual physical my cholesterol count had dropped to a level where my doctor and I agreed to discontinue the statin medication I have been taking for years.

Sarah created a class room atmosphere that was very enjoyable and most of all set us on a path to a healthier lifestyle which should benefit us for years to come."

-- Michael & Kim Malgieri

"I started a healthy lifestyle course with Sarah six months ago. It was a time in my life in which I felt out of control with my weight and was doing very little exercise. During the course and afterward with Sarah as my coach, I have learned how to change my behaviors from stress eating, high fat"comfort" foods to healthy choices that have made me feel great. I am energized while working out, look forward to exercise and feel so good about the inches I have lost. Sarah's coaching has guided me in setting realistic goals that have lead me to a 22 pound weight loss. Sarah's excellent supportive skills and knowledge have provided the tools I need to accomplish the goals I set. I am so much happier and feel very proud of what I have been able to accomplish in six months. Thanks Sarah for giving me the tools to be back in control of my life!"

-- Patricia Vanasse, wife, mom and fit at 56!

"Sarah has led our business in planning sessions. She prepared excellent incisive, inspiring questions. Defined, expected and received preparation from us. Once this was acheived she analyzed and constructed an agenda and provided efficient and wise facilitation that kept us focused, on track, and led to new perspectives, actionable items and a strategic direction. Her knowledge of group and individual dynamics and her strong, likable leadership style has positioned us far ahead of our expectations."

-- Bruce Davidson Founding Partner, The Healing Environments Collaborative

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